Screenings & Discussions with Daniela and Anton were held at Hofstra University, Calandra Inst' CUNY, St. John's U. St.  Maya Daren Theatre, UUWA,  Chatham Libraries NJ. St Francis College, Brooklyn Heights Library, etc. 

For FALL 2021 Screenings & Discussions with Director Anton Evangelista & Author Daniela Gioseffi: Write:  
AuthorandActivist (at)

Author and Activist


The Daniela Gioseffi Story

"A vital international author, dedicated to planetary survival."El Pais, Madrid.

To schedule a talk via ZOOM or a Reading or Screening of the film Author and Activist. Contact. 

A documentary film, produced and directed by Anton Evangelista,

on the life and work of internationally acclaimed author Daniela Gioseffi, a pioneer whose emblematic writings constitute an irrepressible voice against prejudice, along with her commitment to Eco-Feminism, Peace and Climate Justice Activism.